TOPA Diagnostics is dedicated to excellence in pathology and laboratory medicine, rapid turnaround time, and client-centered service.

A TOPA Diagnostics pathologist is always available to you by personal cell phone or email

Our pathologists will call you to report all clinically significant unexpected findings and new malignancies

We confirm the diagnosis of all new malignancies with a second pathologist

Our board certified pathologists have subspecialty expertise and a long history of hospital-based experience, offering a better understanding of clinicopathologic correlations and treatment implications

Your personal client service representative is always available to you as a resource

Our requisitions and specimen collection kits are specialty-specific for greater convenience

We provide a convenient send-out program to other laboratories to facilitate any additional testing needs, including cultures

We offer online tutorials and on-site staff training on the best methods for collecting the highest-quality specimens

Our team of responsive, dependable couriers and client service staff make things easy for you and your staff

Our in-house billing specialists are available to assist you and your patients in navigating the insurance billing process

We deliver superior turnaround times of 24-48 hours on most biopsy and cytology specimens and same-day turnaround molecular diagnostics

Our reports use standardized formatting and terminology with color images that make them easy to comprehend and foster patient-physician communication

We offer additional statistical analysis reporting products, including Adenoma Detection Reports, Interval Screening Reports, Malignant Findings Reports, Summary Reports, and Clinical Pathologic Discrepancy Reports, which provide valuable information and insights

We provide a wide range of report delivery options customized to meet the needs of your practice

Our specialized data reporting, such as monthly cytology reports to GYN physicians and monthly molecular reports on emerging trends, keeps physicians current on important information related to patient care

Client IT support, interface specialists, on-site EMR/EHR integration and Meaningful Use support services are also available